Ngumuya was beaten at freedom march by DPP cadets

LILONGWE (Muchanakhwaye Khwepeya, Malawi NewsNow ) – Malawi Police officers are coy to arrest ruling Democratic  Progressive Party (DPP) terror-in-chief  Jomo Osman who assualted an opposition  Malawi Congress Party (MCP) supporter and Blantyre City South legislator  Allan Ngumuya.

Osman assaulted  Ngumuya at Independence Arch in Blantyre  where he went there after Blantyre City Council (BCC) invited all legislators who are council members to grace  the 54th independence celebrations  with a freedom match from the Old Town Hall to Independence Arch.

Ngumuya  said he was surprised when some DPP supporters clad in DPP T-shirts started beating him and saying he has not helped the party since he was elected as parliamentarian.

Said Ngumuya: “I went there as a member of Parliament, being invited by the Blantyre City Council. So I thought the meeting was about the council only, although it was a parade I didn’t expect the party members to be there. And I met my fellow MPs and other government and council officials.

“Then this guy called Osman came and started saying I was not supposed to be there and started pushing me. The regional governor [Charles Mchacha] intervened, but the guy started beating me saying I should go because I am supporting [Vice-President Saulos] Chilima. Luckily the police came and rescued me and then Mchacha came and started talking to the guy.”

Southern Region Police spokesperson Ramsey Mushani confirmed receiving a complaint from Ngumuya.

He said: “Our office is aware that this has happened and Honourable Ngumuya has lodged a complaint. We have instituted investigations to find the culprits.”

DPP spokesperson Nicholas Dausi  said the police should be given time to “ conclude their investigations.”

Ngumuya is one of the leading members of the Transformation Movement, a group which is supporting Vice-President Saulos Chilima to contest in next year’s tripartite elections.

Of late, there have been attacks by suspected DPP cadets on opposition followers. For example DPP supporters allegedly barred members of the Chilima Transformation Movement from holding a meeting at Mapanga Ground in Thyolo. A few days earlier, Malawi Congress Party and People’s Party members were assaulted in the same area for putting on their parties regalia.