Prophet Bushiri attended the Malawi Investment Forum (MIF) 2018 in Lilongwe and sat in the front row

LILONGWE (Papious Liwonde, Malawi NewsNow) – Malawian President Peter Mutharika who recently approved diplomatic passport for South Africa-based Malawian businessperson and prophet Shepherd Bushiri has engaged him to help his government  by investing in tourism, agriculture and mining.

In recent past, the government rebuffed Bushiri’s humanitarian assistance in 2017 and his claims that he could resolve the energy crisis within a short period.

But Mutharika has changed heart, his government has given diplomatic passport to Bushiri and invited him to the Malawi Investment Forum (MIF) 2018 in Lilongwe  and sat in the front row with the President and government offucials.

Bushiri said the political climate has changed since early 2016 as evidenced by his invitation to MIF.

“Imagine, I was even allowed to sit in the front row. It shows that my country has accepted me. I am a Malawian, this is my home. I have a house here and I come every month. If we cooperate and work as a team we can move this country from its current state to where we will all be enjoying,” he told reporters.

The investors and exhibitors kept inviting Bushiri to their pavilions and he duly accepted.

Minister of Trade, Industry and Tourism Henry Mussa indicated that Bushiri is looking for companies to partner in construction of a sports academy, establishment of hotels and mining ventures, among others.

In his address, President Mutharika said the southern African country is set to turn itself into an investment haven of Africa where investors can explore all opportunities with ease.

The Malawian leader described the country as a small but great African nation, and a paradox of a rich country with poor people hence full of investment opportunities.

“We want Malawi to give you the best return to investment. If Africa is above the global average of return to investment, we want Malawi to be above Africa: We are set to make Malawi an investment haven of Africa,” said Mutharika.

He added: “Malawi has taken necessary steps to encourage private sector investment growth. We are now ready to do business with the world.”

According to Mutharika, Malawi has sufficient raw materials and hardworking citizens who always ensure that political peace and stability prevail at all times.

Minister of Finance, Economic Planning and Development, Goodall Gondwe, echoed Mutharika’s sentiments, saying the country has a positive economic direction and vision but he said the country lacks the needed financial resources which could be provided through foreign investment.

Gondwe said with adequate financial resources, the country’s economy was capable of attaining an annual 9 percent growth rate.

The 2018 MIF’s theme is “Private-Sector-Led Growth: Key to Malawi’s Economic Growth” and it is expected to end on Tuesday, June 12