Mutharika – The prince of thieves

BLANTYRE (Sergio Genti, Malawi NewsNow) -President Peter Mutharika remarks blasting former ruling DPP regional governor Noel Masangwi as unthankful for rebelling against him yet he may have offered a contract to construct a three-storey office building underway at Thyolo District Council, confirms that he is promoting corruption, says political scientist Dr Happy Kayuni.

“If the President can say this in public, it is very unfortunate,” he says. “It could be a confirmation of what people have always said that there is corruption in government. Malawians should be worried because it suggests that those in power are secretly sharing government contracts based on loyalty to the President.”

Mutharika is accused of systematic corruption as he distribute State-sponsored contracts to his cronies and loyalists.

Under Mutharika’s reign, Malawi has slipped from position 115 to 122 on Transparency International’s rankings—a sign of worsening corruption and lapses.

Recently, the Vice-President bemoaned that it has reached “embarrassing levels” where people with ill-gotten wealth are glorified as “biggies” instead of being punished.

Chilima wants Malawians to stop praising corrupt people.

The entrenched culture of pilferage partly thrives on time-honoured adages that say a church mouse eats in church just as a goat grazes where it is tethered.

Chilima urged Malawians against relegating themselves to goats and mice.

DPP’s muted approach to worsening corruption unceremoniously earned Mutharika a no dignifying title—prince of thieves—which was struck off the Hansard after heated debate in Parliament.