Mutharika wondered why people were walking away

NTCHEU (Muchanakhwaye Khwepeya, Malawi NewsNow ) – President Peter Mutharika who is facing dwindling support was on Sunday stunned in Ntcheu when some women started walking out of the venue of the rally while he was delivering his speech.

Mutharika was presiding over the groundbreaking ceremony of Ntcheu-Tsangano-Neno- Mwanza Road.

In the course of Mutharika’s speech, some women interjected with a song in which they were saying some people would run away from the ruling party.

However, while Mutharika was still delivering his speech, some women started leaving the venue of the meeting, prompting him to ask why they were going away.

Vice- President Dr Saulos Chilima, who is from Ntcheu, announced plans to leave Democratic Progressive Party (DPP). last week.

Mutharika did not comment of Chilima’s stand but urged people to support DPP.

“You have to support the DPP government. We have always received support from the people of Ntcheu. In 2006, you supported us. In 2012, you were with us and, in 2014, we won seven parliamentary seats. We have come a long way. In 2019 [presidential election], I will contest. That will continue up to 2024 and from 2024 to 2084,” Mutharika said.

Malawi Defence Force has been contracted to construct the road, which is set to be completed in 12 months’ time.