Steve Kapoloma – Demand receipts

BLANTYRE (Mana) -Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) has urged Malawians to demand Electronic Fiscal Devise (EFD) receipt after purchasing goods from the country’s shops to assist the tax collecting body maximize revenue collection.

MRA Corporate Affairs Manager, Steven Kapoloma made the appeal Friday at Nsonkho House in Blantyre when the tax collecting body conducted its third draw of Lisiti Langa Promotion where 105 participants emerged winners of different prizes ranging from K50, 000 to bicycles.

“The aim of the competition is to encourage consumers to develop a culture of demanding a receipt, because it’s the only sure way they can confirm that their tax has gone to government. This also helps in tax evasion by some traders,” he said.

He said if Malawians don’t demand the receipt, MRA is left in an awkward position as it cannot verify whether that particular shop sold that particular item since no record is entered in its server for transaction.

“When customers demand a receipt, a record of that item is entered in MRA’s server, so when the tax payer is remitting tax collected for a particular month, we cross check with what we have in our server, thereby enforcing tax compliance of VAT regulation.

“This competition, as well as the culture of demanding a receipt is very paramount in enforcing and maximizing revenue collection,” Kapoloma said.

In spite of the competition, Kapoloma conceded this year has been a challenge in revenue collection.

“This has been a challenging year but we will continue to collect revenue for the purpose of the development of this country,” he said.

During the draw, six customers went away with K50, 000 each while six others won bicycles, four people went away with smart phones, six people received blankets , eight  people  went home with K5,000 cash each, eight more   people got  t-shirts and 50 others won K2,000 worth of airtime each among other prizes.

The Lisiti Langa Promotion which started on May 11, this year (2018) is expected to end in July. It is progressing well as over 75,000 entries were made during its third week as compared to 6,227 and 21,500 entries of first and second week respectively, according to MRA officials.