Jay Jay Cee

LILONGWE (Mpho Musowa ) –Ridding on the wave of his latest collaboration and feud ending song with Saint titled Friends, Jay Jay Cee says he is working on a 20 track album.

The untitled project is set for 2019.

He said this on the sidelines of his latest song release Sulingati enawa.

10 songs are due for release this year alone and 3 songs are already out.

This includes the newly put out Sulingati enawa.

2 earlier releases off the untitled album are Nenaninso and Pena.

Unfortunately the hit song Friend’s will not make the cut.

Jay Jay Cee says right now the industry is taking a good shape and he is proud to be part of the generation that is giving it a good shape.

“People now are learning to appreciate Malawian Music.” says Jay Jay Cee