Mezabun – Abused

LILONGWE (Tamanda Mwale, Malawi NewsNow ) – It is not raining but pouring  in the  family of Malawian of Asian origin in Lilongwe where there is domestic abuse against Mezabun Mussa (nee Rafik Mussa)  with Siku Haroon calling for and immediate one on one dialogue between himself and the husband of Mezabun

The talks  between the two has raised a call for a family dinner discussion at Mr Haroons residence inArea 14 Lilongwe on Saturday.

A spokesperson  for the family,Mr Zain Gaffar, he has confirmed .

Meanwhile, Mezabun has been promised a brand new Toyota to remain calm.

In the meantime,  the Abdulla family have tried through several attempts to diffuse adverse media attention and create false articles of the Mussa family offering a K1 million bribe to a journalist.

“I was told by Mezabun’s husband to write about Mr Adam Mussa having a secret relationship with his friends wife.  I am a woman and I know the dignity of a woman. How can you even think this low and cheap,” said the relation.

“ I told him off and in fact he should appreciate that I am pushing for justice of his wife. Not anyone else. If this was the case then why is he not supporting his fathers sister who has no clue of her husband having another wife and child. Has he forgotten Mr Harun was asked to guard around the home where he entertained himself?”

The family squabble is off the deep end  with allegations flying all over including  use of drub substance.

“This is not my problem about who does what Mr Abdulla. Here we are talking if your wife’s justice. Not other individuals. “

“I know a lot about this family. They torture their daughter in laws and speak to them in such a manner like animals. A father in law swear in local Chichewa to all family members using abusive words.

It may take long but we shall plan to have demos in the city of Lilongwe to bring to justice all women who are being overpowered by their spouses and in law family,” he said.