Mezu Mussa – Complains of abusive relationship

LILONGWE (Tamanda Mwale, Malawi NewsNow ) – The  family of Malawian of Asian origin in Lilongwe  which is on the spotlight in this publication because of the continued domestic abuse against Mezabun Mussa (nee Rafik Mussa) has to break  the fast on Sunday – iftar –  with Siku Haroon  calling the family together  in Area 14 and  put Mezabun in a situation to be answerable for the disrepute  and defamation of the Abdullah family.

Mezabun was verbally attacked and ordered to take steps to  have this whole issue diffused by Sunday morning as the consequences could result in a lot of damage against her biological family.

She has been advised to speak to her brother to set a way to diffuse this matter at the earliest convenience and  stop the publication of internal family wrangles.

“We don’t understand why they still wnat to harass Mezabun by demanding that she should put a stop of the bad headlines over her harrassement as if she works for a publication. She has no links  and influence to the media,” said a close family relation.

The relation also defended Mezabun brother, saying he shoud be spared from this as he is a gentleman who minds his own business and has nothing to do with the family bickering.

“He is the same brother who had wanted to give as a gift a VW vehicle to his sister through his father Mr Rafik and the offer was rejected by the Abdullah family as they ordered the vehicle should  go back.

“Why is this brother requested today to stop the publicity of the domestic abuses  whereas he was not wanted at good times. Have the Abdullah’s failed to do so,” a relation said.

Despite Mezabun’s brother  being accused, the relation said he has nothing to do with this matter.

He claims that he has not even communicated with the Abdullah family even once as he was aware of this family blame-game.

“Those who don’t know these Chachias do not know what characters they don’t know.”

The source all they want is to have peace for Mezabun and her children and supporting husband.

The best solution could be the woman  moving out of the current house and live peacefully in her own home.

“She is not claiming a mansion or anything close to Imran Faruk s house, all she wants is a decent roof and this way the matter gets resolved and dusted for once and for all.”