Mezu Mussa – Complains of abusive relationship

LILONGWE (Tamanda Mwale, Malawi NewsNow ) – It all going bonkers in the disgraced family of Malawian of Asian origin in Lilongwe where there is domestic abuse against Mezabun Mussa (nee Rafik Mussa) as the Abdullah family have accused her of putting the family into disrepute  for taking matters to news online.

They accuse Mezabun of  using her brother to spread rumors about their family

However, Mezabun denies any wrong doing,  saying  a caring family member is concerned and perhaps seeking help to end her abuses.
Mezabun  said she and her brother have no interest in taking matters to the media  and are not interested to even discuss

Her brother also said he has no interest to discuss the matter.

However, Wednesday night it was learnt that all family members were called by their spokesman Mr  Zain Gaffar for an emergency meeting at Mr Imran Faruk Haji Sakur Abdulla’s family where discussions took place to diffuse the heat with immediate effect t.

Mezabun was irked with the accusation and  had to  surrender her cell phone in the presence of all family members to her father in law for scrutiny to check who she has been in contact within her family

However, it has been noted that their s on in law Mr Siku was out of the country and had just landed into the country and could not make it for the meeting and therefore they will continue with discusaion on Thursday.

Mezabun’s husband has now fallen for the innocence of his wife and shot up, saying. Mr Siku should deal with his own shit first, threatening to “ blow the trumpet” if the matter rambles on.

“Let us all be exposed to who is the real culprit,” he said.