Mezu Mussa

LILONGWE (Tamanda Mwale, Malawi NewsNow ) –  The disgraced family of Malawian of Asian origin in Lilongwe is at it again on domestic violence against Mezabun Mussa (nee Rafik Mussa) as the Abdullah family has thrown the woman out of the house.

The whole issue started when Mezu was reportedly  threatened by her husband to be thrown out of the house for a gift of a VW Car she received from her father. Mezu is married to Anuwar Sakur Abdulla.

Now Mezabin Mussa has been thrown out of the house on Wednesday May 30 2018 leaving her homeless

And loitering the streets as headless chicken as she was fasting – Ramadan –  as she could not be  allowed to cook what she wanted.

Having spoken to Mezabin on a private discreet call, she claimed facing worse form of domestic violence and living in what she called advanced jail.

She complained that the father-in-law illtreats her and the husband does not help matters as he tortures her as well.

Mezabin courted controversy when she  claimed to the husband that the family she is married to is oppressive where daughter-n-laws have no say on anything.

“We have to hide our cars when the Interpol is in town. So u call this a life,” she asked.

All she had requested was to have the home she stays in her name as a security for herself and children.

But the family did not entertain her suggestion and evicted her/

All daughter-in-laws in the family have been allocated a home in their name except Mezabin whom they claim is not entitled to the ownership.

More to follow.