Dan Lu

LILONGWE (Mpho Musowa ) – Afro Pop musician, Dan Lu has come out to defend himself over purported compromising pictures of him on social media.

In an exclusive interview, Dan Lu said “It is Photoshop.”

The allegation says Dan Lu is in an extramarital affair with a lady named Rachel Kaunda and she screenshot a WhatsApp video call.

Others are saying the woman is Memo S. Carzombo but she hides her face in the pictures.

The unverified claims say the Akumva Pain star has been making WhatsApp video calls to the alleged mistress and he got outed.

“There is a mistake somewhere. That’s not me. People have been sending me this from last month. It’s not news to me only that when you’re on top the devil does not sleep.”

Dan Lu says he will get to the bottom of this and that people [who’re behind this] will pay a big price.

“I stay silent and don’t answer, they think I am idle, can’t act on it,” he said.

The artist is currently prepararing for the release of his next single, ‘To be a man’ out on 1st June.

Some have suggested this could be a ploy to gun up support before the release.

Other say this is actually Dan Lu.

Dan Lu has distanced himself entirely from the pictures and any sort of stunt suggestions.

He is appealing to his fans for support.