Innocent man with the red state of art VW car

Innocent man with the red state of art VW car

LILONGWE (Tamanda Mwale, Malawi NewsNow ) –  Dust is refusing to settle in the family of Malawian of Asian origin  over reported domestic violence against Mezabun Mussa (nee Rafik Mussa) as the Abdullah family,  with full head on power and influence, have turned tables round blaming their daughter in law for causing the drama.

The whole issue started when Mezu was reportedly  threatened by her husband to be thrown out of the house for a gift of a VW Car she received from her father. Mezu is married to Anuwar Sakur Abdulla.

Annular, however,  has persuaded Mezabuns grand father to resolve the matter in his favour

Mezabuns grand fathe had no other choice to pull on Abdulla family as he was involved in a  another domestic  abuse issue after he was accused of refusing to send his ailing  mother for treatment to South African hospital due to expenditure costs.

To resolve the matter , innocent brother to Mezabun has taken the blame to apologize to the Abdulla family nd has dedicated a picture to show that the car is now back.

Mezabun claims to have been going through domestic abuse where  the mater was even reported to ministry of gender  but could not be assisted.

Trouble started for her when she was gifted a VW state of the art car by her father which the Abdullas rejected.

Abdullah reportedly created a dubious message to shame Mezabun and her brother.

However,  the Lilongwe Muslim Jamaat,  a social head service for the muslim community headed aby Hamid Gaffer Abdul , cleared the Mussa family , explaining the messages were dubious and linked he Abdulla family as the one spearheading it.