Mia and Chakwera- Start counting down for 2019

NGABU (Sergio Genti, Malawi NewsNow)– Former Cabinet minister Muhammad Sidik Mia has said he has joined Malawi Congress Party (MCP) to help its party president Lazarus Chakwera win the 2019 general elections and sent President Peter Mutharika packing out of State House.

Mia said he had not joined MCP to snatch anybody’s position, making a U-turn on his earlier remarks when he hinted that his political comeback would not be an ordinary one, but that of vice-president.

“It is the prerogative of the president of the party to do what he thinks is right, but on my part I will do best work as much as I can to get everybody together and come May [2019] whether I am chosen or not, I will support Dr Lazarus Chakwera because I believe in what he does,” said Mia on Saturday in Ngabu as Chakwera formally inducted him into MCP.

Mia stressed he was joining MCP to help Chakwera win the 2019 general elections.

“Malawi is bleeding and MCP under Dr Lazarus Chakwera is the only hope for this country,” said Mia.

“I have not joined the party to look for someone’s position,” said Mia while drawing laughter from the crowd when added that “but if someones position is shaky, I will grab it.”

The rally brought together 54 members of Parliament (43 for MCP, five independents led by Chidanti Malunga and six from the Peoples Party led by Roy Kachale),

Mia lamented the levels of corruption in the country, the crumbling of both education as well as agriculture system and the poor economic climate in the country which is making people poorer and poorer.

He therefore urged President Chakwera to fix such things if he wins the 2019 elections.

Taking his turn, Chakwera said that the door of Malawi Congress Party (MCP) is open and that he is ready to work with everyone regardless of color, sex, region and tribe.

Chakwera empasised that he is leading a new MCP. A reformed party.

He said  President Mutharika and his DPP days are numbered.

“Come 2019, start counting the days, the DPP is getting out of power. They have stolen enough.
We will be revealing their every dirty move…

“There are no medicines in hospitals, workers are dissatisfied. All because people are stealing. Stolen money enough to educate students in public universities,” he said.

He further said any Malawian of goodwill is welcome to join MCP.

“As president of MCP, I am inviting everyone who wants us to rid Malawi of nepotism, corruption, theft of public funds to join MCP, time of letting bad things go is over,”.

The meeting was attended by thousands of people from the Shire Valley area as well as almost all MCP regional and district chairpersons and members of PP, and over 90 chiefs, including traditional authorities (T/As) Mphonde of Nkhotakota and Kampingo Sibande of Mzimba.

On his part, T/A Mphonde declared his allegiance to the MCP and urged fellow chiefs to do likewise, saying Malawians were tired of the current leadership.