Muslims against worsening corruption

BLANTYRE ( Sergio Genti, Malawi NewsNow) – Malawi Muslims have spokesn out against worsening corruption which  has dominated the discourse of the country’s stagnation in development and been cited as the major reason the country is not developing.

Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Nica and Other Islamic Functions Association, Muhammad Uthman spekaing during Eid-ul-Fitr prayers held at the Kamuzu Stadium’s Upper Ground in Blantyre Monday at the end of month offasting, Ramadhan, said  Malawi is not developing because of corruption.

“Corruption, which is rocking the country, has affected everyone including us, Muslims, who also use public offices where the vice is rampant. You know the education sector, the health sector and all other agencies have been challenged by corruption and these are crucial areas which all Malawians rely on for development. That is why we need to work together to end the vice. It is not the responsibility of the government alone but every Malawian,” Uthman said.

Organising chairperson of the event, El-Halj Maulana Monjeza, said this year’s theme, ‘The Role of Muslims in the Fight Against Corruption’ was in line with the teachings of Prophet Muhammad, who preached against corruption.

“We chose this theme because we understand that this is the problem that is stopping our country from moving forward. As clergy, it is our responsibility to ensure that our country’s resources are not plundered through corruption and that is why we want our message to reach out to every Malawian, so that they can take part in the fight against corruption,” Monjeza said.

The Muslim community has also been encouraged to promote peace and harmony among themselves and members of other denominations in the country.