Lilongwe International Fashion Week to promote local models and to give them a sense of global and international exposure.

LILONGWE (Tamanda Mwale, Malawi NewsNow ) — One of the local models, Samantha Msungama  has said Malawi can look forward to “an exciting”  Lilongwe International Fashion Week to take place at the Golden Peacock Hotel on June 24 which has attracted  great fashion from the professional local and international designers.

Organisers of the event said the foreign designers include Nada from Egypt,Regina of Adwalah from Ghana, Kapasa from Zambia,Vyette and Tatenda Chivende from Zimbabwe will showcase their materials.

Others are Karen Topacio a French. and Australian designer and Jerome 5:15, a greatest fashion designer from the US who was once Beyoncé’s stylist.

The show will also see  art exhibition from Amen Couture, Josephine Hendo from Uganda, K-Martins from Kenya.

“We have courted reputable and well known foreign fashion designers across the globe, from Europe, Asia, America and Africa. We are trying to give designers a platform to reach international and global market through this international fashion show. “We have lots of followers throughout the world and they are watching what we are going to bring on the table hence it will give these local and foreign designers a perfect time to amass their audience,” said organising committee chairperson Major Carter.

Artists to perform include, Fillip Nicolas Bjerkem from Norway, Belgian Opera singer Kika, Rory from Jamaica, Ritaa and Hazel Mak from Malawi.