Mjutharika speaking at the Oxford Union- Photo sourced by Stanley Kenani Facebook page

OXFORD (Malawi NewsNow) – Malawi President Peter Mutharika  was snubbed at the Oxford Union in England on Friday as he ended up addressing an empty hall which was filled mostly by members of his entrouge.

Several seats remained unoccupied as Mutharika took to the podium to speak.

Mutharika was invited to address the Oxford Union as second choice after former president Joyce Banda who has specialised herself now as a speaker in events and learning institutions abroad, rejected the invitation.

Banda was told to pay for her expences, according to sources.

Mutharika, however, grabbed the opportunity to follow the footsteps of notorious South African politician Julius Malema who also addressed the Oxford Union.

In his address, Mutharika told the audience Malawi, just like the rest of Africa is not poor.

“Every year, Sub-Sahara Africa alone receives about $134 billion in loans and development aid. But, $192 billion is taken out back to developed countries. We have the resources, but what we lack are the skills for turning our assets into capital,” said Mutharika.

He said for Africa to develop, it needs an education system that empowers the majority of the people beyond the classroom.

Mutharika went to England after delivering a keynote address at the European Development Days event in Brussels, Belgium on Wednesday.