Mughogho – Customers still have bigger dreams

LILONGWE (Malawi NewsNow)-In its quest to deliver tailor-made services to its customers Standard Bank has unveiling new Executive banking offering and as well the new Executive Banking suite for Lilongwe branch.

Speaking during the launch in Lilongwe Standard Bank Head of Personal Markets Charity Mughogho said the  launch of Executive Banking service is aimed at supporting our customers in the achievement of their personal aspirations and financial goals.

“As you may be aware, Executive Banking offering has been in existent for some years in the bank, but our approach is to continuously adapt our offering to our customers ever changing personal requirements and lifestyle needs in a convenient and hassle free manner,” said Mughogho.

Mughogho said Standard Bank recognizes that most of customers still have bigger dreams and aspirations to achieve and that’s where the bank fit as partner on this journey.

She said Executive Banking offers customers an opportunity to grow their wealth by savings accounts including a free PureSave account which has one of the highest and competitive interest rates

“We also offer you a Contract Save account with high interest rates and a bonus on your interest based on your chosen period of saving. As we all say time is money Executive Banking has designated an express queue for cash deposits and withdrawals just for you, to save you time thereby maximizing your productivity,” she said

The Head of Personal Markets re-affirmed Standard Bank’s commitment to its customers to continuously implement cutting age and progressive banking solutions that will greatly improve customer’s experience with its services.

“It with this in mind that we are also currently busy working on implementing a new core banking system aimed at  offering  you more exciting banking solutions that will greatly improve your experience as a customer,”  said the Head of Personal Markets

Meanwhile the bank has launched its new Executive Banking suite for Lilongwe branch.