Ben Phiri seeking return to State House

THYOLO (Muchanakhwaye Khwepeya, Malawi NewsNow ) –A senior Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) official has doubted President Peter Mutharika would bring back his former powerful and trusted aide, Ben Phiri, at State House and party.

In an interview, the senior party official, who sits in the DPP executive committee said Phiri is self centred, accusing him of stuffing most top government positions with his relations and friends.

“The president knows this. He took the government as his own personal estate. Most of those in top positions after the 2014 general elections are his relatives or friends or anyone connected to him in one way or another,” he said.

He said the DPP did not come into power through Ben Phiri alone but through collective effort.

“We have lost out as a party for the past two and half years. We don’t have our own people in key positions but relatives and friends of Ben Phiri. He does not listen to any body, he always wants to wield more power so that he can do whatever he wants,” said the DPP official who asked not to be named.

Of late, there has been a campaign by some DPP cadets who were calling on Mutharika to reappoint Ben Phiri as an aide.

However some people say Phiri himself initiated the campaign.

In an interview last week, Phiri expressed doubt that he would be back at Kamuzu Palace as an aide to the president but said he would be more than willing to work for the DPP

. He has a string of businesses which he runs including supply of medicine at Central Medical Stores to which some say there are dubious dealings. He also runs a printing business in Area 49 in the capital where he has 28 up market houses.

Some sections of society have asked the Anti Corruption Bureau to investigate how he managed to build the multi billion housing scheme just a year of working for Mutharika as an aide.