Sally Kumwenda

MZUZU (Malawi NewsNow)- A Malawian who graduated at Wits University in South Africa has shown her interest in registering her political party in Malawi.

Sally Kumwenda a Mzuzu born woman based in South Africa said she has formed her political party named Leadership with Compassion Poltical Party (LCPP).

She said with the financial support from her fellow PHD students at University of South Africa the party will be registered end of this year or the beginning of next year.She did disclosed who are those students,saying its still confidential.

“Unfortunately for now those details remain confidential. But what I can say is that I have friends my fellow PhD students who are supporting me……. There is a lot I need to do there in relation to my party then will be sure of the next step….. ”

According to Kumwenda she did her Diploma Postgraduate in media managements and Honours degree in Journalism and media studies at Rhodes University in South Africa.She also did Masters Degree in Media Management with research topic on politics at Witwatersrands and political science in her Masters Degree.

She is currently studying her PhD in Communication with The University of South Africa.

“I am a Mzuzu born female.Born in 1980. I did my secondary school at Phwezi Girls, Marymount Girls Secondary School and finally at Viphya Secondary School from where I was selected to do my BA in Journalism at the University of Malawi the Polytechnics.

“I then went to Rhodes University in South Africa where I did my Postgraduate Diploma in Media Management and also Honours Degree in Journalism and Media Studies. I then went to University of Witwatersrands where I did my Masters Degree in Media Management with my research topic on politics. And I also studied political science in my Masters Degree. Currently I am studying my PhD in Communication with The University of South Africa”.

As a Youth,her party will need youths in the country to join her party.She said she will not allow recycled politicians in her party.When asked if her party is a breakawy party or there are other people behind it.She said her party is new and noone is behind it.

“My party is interested in young and fresh people. We need new ideas of leading the people of Malawi. We have been waiting for a long time to have a Malawi which is everyone’s dream but instead of seeing positivity we see more failures. Which is really frustrating.”

“Breakaway meaning what? Like I said you can’t restrain people from thinking about anything. That’s what is called being human. But my party is not a break away from anything. It is just a notion of having honest ideas in ruling people not only through speech which we have been seeing since democracy but actions.”