Mulumbe -Lied

LUSAKA (Winter Makani, Malawi NewsNow) –An eight member Malawi parliamentary inquiry on maizegate were on Wednesday dumb founded when boss of  Zambia Confederation Federation (ZCF) rejected an invoice presented by the Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA).

ZCF chief executive officer Mr James Chirwa said the tax invoice which MRA presented to the inquiry in Lilongwe did not come from his organisation.

“I am sure this is a forged document, this did not come from us, we will institute our own investigations to find out who might have done this,” said Chirwa.

The inquiry committee is in Zambia as part of its thorough investigations into how Admarc procured maize from Zambia amidst reports of suspicious dealings by Agriculture minister Dr George Chaponda and Admarc CEO Mr Foster Mulumbe.

Dr Chaponda and Mr Mulumbe however deny any wrong doing in the K30 billion maize deal from Zambia.

Mr Chirwa also rejected claims by Mr Mulumbe that Admarc signed contracts with ZCF and Kaloswe the same day on June 17, saying Admarc/Kaloswe contract was signed much earlier. It also transpired during the investigations that no single grain was returned by Admarc as claimed by AHL Commodities officials who told the inquiry in Lilongwe that Admarc returned 45 metric tonnes back to Zambia because it was rotten.

However, Mr Chirwa said this was a lie.

The chairman of the inquiry Dr Joseph Chidanti Malunga said the inquiry members were baffled with the reports and wondered why Admarc and AHL Commodities Exchange officials made lies to the inquiry after they took an oath.

The inquiry members are meeting officials from Kaloswe.

The parliamentary inquiry went to Zambia on Monday are expected back on Sunday.