Andu this and that with ‘special one’ Mouringho

MANCHESTER (Malawi NewsNow ) — A self-confessed UK-based Malawian prostitute, Ms Andulire Mwambira, who made headlines in British tabloids when she claimed she had a series of sex encounters with Manchester City star Yaya Toure and the midfielder’s brother Kolo of Liverpool, has shared a selfie  that every football fan must dream of taking, that is with Manchester United manager Jose Mouringho.

Mwambira, who also uses the name Sandra Ntonya, was once married to Mr Alex Ntonya always brags that she offers her sex services to rich and influential men .

But she did not claim anything with the ‘special one’.

She prides herself as a “hooker” and does not feel ashamed to be in the old profession in the world.