Henry Kachaje

BLANTYE ( Lord Denning SC) – The self-acclaimed motivational speaker and economist, Henry Kachaje, was, initially billed to be the Main Speaker at a youth-empowering conference organized by a grouping of Christian youths in the country. Upon learning that the organizing team has invited Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, and scheduled him as the Main Speaker and Guest of Honor, Mr. Kachaje did not waste minutes but express dissatisfaction through withdrawing his participation and role.

Mr. Kachaje offers himself as a high-level and selfless entrepreneurship think tank. I hear that he is a ‘president’ of some entity called Business Consult Africa, an entity which I can comfortably say is, probably, known but to a few people due to its unavailable impact in the country.

I am not ruling out a possibility of his family members and village mates benefiting from investment wisdom oozing from the said company, but what I want to emphasize is the fact that the same is barely known and appreciated in the country.

Mr. Kachaje is on record to have, at one point, expressed admiration at the entrepreneurship wits available in Prophet Shepherd Bushiri who has patently presented himself as a global investment mogul. His pulling out from the conference on the mere ground that he has been hijacked from the honor of being the Main Speaker and Guest of Honor, therefore, surprises my spine, but not very much however:

I have, through and through, perceived Mr. Kachaje as one pride-bound individual who bloats himself to the top on the entrepreneurship knowledge. His denial to play a subordinate speaker only adds one more thing, thus, the man is also self-centered and coated in self-relevance and value. He has demonstrated that he is not ready to reduce himself accordingly where necessity would demand.

My verdict:

While it was thoughtful to invite the seemingly aging Mr. Kachaje to inspire the youth, I think a fellow youth in the name of Prophet Shepherd Bushiri sounds more relevant. Bushiri, who is so far a vibrant business tycoon of the present time and, arguably onwards, is such an exceptional youthful entrepreneur who would not speak of retired theories, but tested practical approaches. About the so-called Faith Mussa, I don’t even want to waste my scarce time. His case is quickly dismissed with costs!