Rev Makondetsa – negative reporting is evil

CHIRADZULU (Malawi NewsNow)–Providence Industrial Mission (PIM) president Reverend Patrick Makondetsa took time to attack the Malawi media on Sunday while presenting sermon during the John Chilembwe memorial prayers in Chiradzulu, saying the country is struggling economically because of negative reporting by the country’s journalists.

Chilembwe revolted against British rule from January 23 1915 due to structural conditions in the colonial set up and marginalised State policies on land, labour and taxation among Africans.

The revolt ended with his death on February 3 1915 in Mulanje as he tried to flee to Mozambique, according to some historians.


Makondetsa  also accused the opposition for negative reporting ,saying both the media and opposition spoon-feeds the public with negative stories about government failures.

“God is angry with the nation of Malawi because of negative reporting that is taking place. And he is saying to the nation of Malawi today: They [hose involved in bad reporting] will keep wandering in the wilderness. Malawi is derailing into under-development because of the negative reporting,” he said amid applause from the senior Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

The PIM leader said “those involved in negative reporting will never see the Promised Land.”

“God was angry. The Promised Land was an 11-day march to Canaan, but because of the bad reporting, it took the Israelites 13 000 days. Bad reporting, negative reporting, is not good to any nation. It derails development. It upsets the strong minded, it confuses the strong,” he added.

Makondetsa asked the media to start writing good about the nation saying negative reporting “plants fear among citizens of this nation. It undermines the capability of its citizens. It kills hardworking spirit of their people.”

The function was graced by the state president Peter Mutharika.