Malawi roadbloack a centre of corruption

LILONGWE  (Malawi NewsNow) –The  police officers and other government officers manning roadblocks ,are the most corrupt, theParliamentary Committee on Natural Resources and Climate Change has said.

The committee noted that there were unnecessary roadblocks across the country but most of them serve no purpose as charcoal sellers still find their way out to various suburbs in our towns and cities because they bribe officers.

Chairperson of the committee Mr Werani Chilenga claimed that police officers at roadblocks are enriching themselves by taking advantage of law breakers, especially those trafficking banned forestry products.

“I can challenge you, and I can give you evidence on how corrupt officers that are manning road blocks in the country are,” said Chilenga at Parliament on Friday when they met Judiciary and Malawi Police Service (MPS) top brass on the implementation of laws governing transportation and movement of forest products in the country.

Deputy Inspector General Duncan Mwapasa told the committee that  they will shake off the corrupt tag to enhance their good relationship with the community.

He told the committee that MPS have been in the forefront implementing the laws on trafficking forestry products, except that the implementation falls short of expected standards.