Kadadzera – We will respect court ruling

LILONGWE (Tamanda Mwale, Malawi NewsNow)- Malawi Police say they will abide by the High Court ruling which outlawed rogue and vagabond.

The law mainly targeted poor people who walk on foot as they were arrested.

Police spokesperson James Kadadzera said all law enforcers would not enforce this particular law following the High Court ruling.

“The police cannot act against the court and they will abide by the law,” said Kadadzera.

Mayeso Gwanda of Blantyre through his lawyer Mandala Mambulasa prayed to the court to strike off the law after Gwanda was arrested when he was going to his business place where he sells plastic bags.

During the court hearing, Gwanda through his lawyer argued that the offence of rogue and vagabond results in a number of rights violations, including his rights to dignity, privacy, freedom from inhumane and degrading treatment, freedom and security of person, freedom from discrimination, and freedom of movement.

The panel of three judges; Zione Ntaba, Michael Mtambo and Slyvester Kalembera agreed with Gwanda and declared the offence “unconstitutional.”

The development means that Malawians will now not be arrested for walking at night.

The police argue the law prevented a crime from being committed.

However some people say the law targeted poor people who were found walking in the streets or sitting somewhere.