Trump did not sign visa-free for Malawians , its fake news

WASHINGTON (Malawi NewsNow) -Fake news has been discovered on that claims The United States President, Donald Trump has signed an executive order to allow all Malawi nationals travel to the United States without visas.

The report saud Malawians who hold dual nationality will be banned from entering the United States if their other passport is from Syria, Iraq, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia and Yemen — the seven Muslim-majority countries “of concern”.

But US government has dismissed that as fake news.

How do we know this news is fake? Because it is an almost exact copy of another hoax article making the rounds which claims the visa-free travel policy is for everybody in Asia.

Also, one of the centerpieces of Donald Trump’s run for president has been to make it more difficult to immigrate to the United States so implementing this policy would not make any sense for him.