Check the body language, Magufuli left and Mutharika

LILONGWE (Papious Liwonde, MalawiNewsNow)-Malawi and Tanzania have agreed to take mediation paths in a bid to end their wrangle over Lake Malawi.

This follows a meeting between President Peter Mutharika and his Tanzanian counterpart John Magufuli on Monday on the sidelines of African Union summit in Ethiopia.

Malawi Foreign Affairs minister Francis Kasaira said  on  Malawi Broadcsting Corporation that the talks between the two leaders went on well.

He said as of now, Malawi will continue to engage Tanzania in talks.

However, Kasaira was not asked what happens to the litigation in international courts as Malawi took Tanzania to international court over the wrangle of Lake Malawi ownership

. Former presidents mediating on the matter withdrew after Malawi took Tanzania to the international courts, leaving Malawi and its northern part neighbour on a brink of war.

In 2012, Tanzania declared Lake Malawi was its lake and sent warships in the lake after Malawi announced there were high class oil reserves in the lake.

This shocked Malawi which put its army on alert in case of invasion.