Diamond Platinumz (L) and Lulu

Diamond Platinumz (L) and Lulu

LILONGWE (Malawi NewsNow) -Local music star Lulu says he is hopeful that  he will have a with Tanzania’s award winning musician Diamond Platnumz, saying he is thankful to  Lucius Banda, who is the director of Impakt Events “for the connection” with the Tanzanian singer.

Lulu says he has already worked on the song and expedcts Diamond to put in his voice.

The Tanzanian artist, who has soared and is currently travelling places, said it was important that artists work together.

“Let me also share with you that I have a record label and currently I am working with five artists. In fact I heard one of the songs of my artists being performed here,” he said.

“It’s not about me but it’s about showing the world what Africa has. There is no way I can do things on my own and this why I put up a record label to give upcoming artists the platform and the idea is to try to take African music to the world,” he said.