Dr. Saulos Chilima spits fire on corrupt contractors

Dr. Saulos Chilima spits fire on corrupt contractors

LILONGWE (Papius Liwonde, Malawi NewsNow)  – Malawi Vice President Saulos Chilima says orruption is common in the construction business in the country and that it is unacceptable as the contractors involved in self-enrichment are punishing future generations for sins they have not committed

“I know there is indiscipline, corruption and a deep-seated allowance culture that is choking the industry. There have been media revelations that projects which do not have provisions for allowances suffer because officials shun them.

“This is uncalled for and morally wrong, to say the least. It has to stop. You are holding your country at ransom for personal needs. Come to think about delayed projects,” said Chilima in Lilongwe during the opening of the 5th International Construction Conference, Chilima

The Vice President Chilima,  who was  appointed by President Peter Mutharika appointed Chilima as the Construction Sector Transparency Initiative champion early this year to whip corruption out of the taxpayer-funded project, said  he is shocked by reports of corruption and sabotage in the construction sector, saying he will work with National Construction Industry Council (NCIC) and Ministry of Transport and Public Works to name and shame corrupt stakeholders in the industry.

Chilima  urged the sector “to serve the people better and with loyalty.”

“Think about the abandoned or delayed health centres, classroom blocks. What and where is our conscience when we steal funds or frustrate projects that are purely meant to uplift the lives of poor citizens in the village or indeed across the country?”

NCIC board chairperson Ben Chidyaonga said his body was aware of existence in the sector of some unprofessional work practices leading to low productivity, poor absorption of new technologies and unethical conduct such as corruption.

However, he said the council is doing everything to deal with the challenges so the sector commands the respect it deserves.