Mutharika says he is in excellent health

Mutharika says he is in excellent health

LILONGWE (Brian Ligomeka) – Malawi President Peter Mutharika has boasted of enjoying excellent health incapacitated’ suffering from rheumatism which attacked his right shoulder as he returned from the United States last Sunday.

“I am in excellent health. I am not sick,” Mutharika told journalists on Friday.

He explained that if he was seriously ill he would not have returned to Malawi because the US – where he was – has excellent health facilities.

“My heart, my kidney, in fact my body is in perfect condition. I only have one small problem – my right hand. I have rheumatism which sometimes makes it go numb as was the case when I arrived at the airport,” said Mutharika.

Waving at the media with his right hand, Mutharika said: “My right shoulder is now 80% fine,” explaining that it will be fully recovered in two weeks.

‘I am not incapacitated’

Challenging that he was far much healthier than journalists who were asking him questions, Mutharika lambasted the media for alleging that he was either incapacitated or dead.

“I am not incapacitated. People should also differentiate between incapacitation and sickness. The president can only step down if he is incapacitated not when he is just sick,” he said.

According to Mutharika, it was a mistake for anyone to hide illness because everyone became ill at one point or another.

Mutharika added: Those who talk about my death portray me as if I am like a cat with more than nine lives… I think I have more than nine lives…even more than a cat,” he joked.

Mutharika’s press conference came after Malawians took to social media to query why he prolonged his trip in the US after the United Nations General Assembly had ended.

The development prompted some Malawians to speculate that the 76-year old leader was hospitalised.