LILONGWE ( Malawi NewsNow ) –The Lilongwe Muslim jammat has issued the  Mussa family with a clearance letter advising them and the general public that the Mussa family is innocent over claims of domestic violence, intimidation and character assassination.

This follows allegations of domestic violence claimed by Mezabun Mussa (nee Rafik Mussa) .

Mezu was reportedly threatened by her husband to be thrown out of the house for a gift of a VW Car she received from her father. She is married to Anuwar Sakur Abdulla.

But insiders says the clearance, which has been confirmed by Mr Zicar Mussa as head of trustees, the other trustee Mr Manzur Bheda and the Lilongwe Jamaat head of chief Mr Hamid Abdul Gaffer , has been issued against the background of intimidation over the way Mezabun did to save her marriage.

It is said that Anuwar Adulla had threatened the muslim community, saying he would resign  as  a board member for Lilongwe Muslim Jamaat, saying he has not been favoured on an issue he was dragged by Mussa.

Mussa had sought help from the Jammat to save her marriage and the brother to Mezabun had explained that the Abdulla family  has been creating a dubious message to put the Mussa family down

Abdulla threatened to resign unless another the investigation takes place to put the Mussa family down.

The whole dram started when Mezabun was gifted a car by her father of which she was chased out of the house for a whole month without having access to any source of income and education for the children  after the husband did not approve the gift.

But she sought  family help to regain her relation after she was given an offer to choose her marriage or a car from her father.

Mezabun chose to remain with her marriage as the car would do no good to her or her children who are under 7 years of age.

But she took the vehicle for a short ride and was called immediate to pack her bags and go to her fathers home for good.

Her father in law could not help matters as she swore and banged on the car door.

Mezabun then rushed back to her father’s house delivering the gifted vehicle and then walking back home braving the hot weather.

Soon then a family good news was came of Anuwar’s sister having a baby girl. To comfort the family Mezabun posted the happiness on Facebook, then she wascalled for a hearing of why she posted to social media as she as no authority of posting anything in regard to the Abdulla family

The family took the matter to ministry of gender but government said  it should be dealt with in closed doors which irked Mezabun, saying there should be of help when there is domestic violence involving the powerful and rich family.