Mezu Mussa - Complains of abusive relationship

Mezu Mussa – Complains of abusive relationship

LILONGWE (Muchanakhwaye Khwepeya, Malawi NewsNow ) –There is confusion in the family of  Malawian of Asian origin Mezabun Mussa (nee Rafik Mussa) after the intervention of Minister of Gender, Women and Children welfare, Dr Jean Kalirani on  purpoted claims of her domestic abuse that the husband threatened her as  Mr Anuwar Abdulla who threatened Mezabin said she had to accept a cooked up message proving her brother wrong.

Mezu was reportedly threatened by her husband to be thrown out of the house for a gift of a VW Car she received from her father. She is married to Anuwar Sakur Abdulla.

It first started by Mezabin posting the  13 companies tainted with Cashgate 13 on Facebook. Then  the Abdullas shouted her threatening to dissolve marriage and challenged her to apologies to all the companies mentioned.

Mezabin reportedlu called for  directors of the companies mentioned in the forensic audit report who were close to her inlaws and family to offer her apologies.

Then a screen-shot was taken on Mezabin Facebookprofile which was circulated amongst close friends to make her look the bad one.

But it is understood this was a family make-up to put Mezabin in bad light as she denies posting anything.

Upon clarification of this, a fake message was created by the Abdulla family using the number of Mussa’s brother to show that Mussa is spreading hate-messages of his sisters inlaws.

Mussa’s brother swiftly reported the matter to their local society chief who is head of the Lilongwe Muslim Jamaat and have the matter discussed.

Lilongwe Jamaat has since cleared Mussa.

The car was returned immediately to Mezabin and she saved the marriage.

She now wants to mobilise women from Lilongwe to hold demonstration against domestic violence with calls to raise money that will go towards women empowerment, especially those vulnerable to abuses.

Abdullas  are being faulted of creating rhe messages to put the Mussa’s in bad light.