President Mutharika -Hospitalised

President Mutharika -Hospitalised

LILONGWE (Muchanakhwaye Khwepeya, Malawi NewsNow ) –Malawi’s President Peter Mutharika has been undergoing an operation on his shoulder at the George Washington University Hospital in Washington DC in United States of America, officials of Malawi Embassy  have informed.

“His Excellency was admitted George Washington University Hospital. He had an operation on his shoulder … is recovering satisfactorily,” said an embassy official in strick anonymity .

Officials at Malawi embassy at UN in New York also confirmed Mutharika was hospitalised after attending the United Nations General Assembly.

Reports on social media that he had suffered cardiac were last week angrily denied by Malawi government officials.

False reports on the state of Mutharika’s health have caused the President to recently seek regulation regarding social media recently, with the president claiming that the dissemination of rumours might cause Malawians to panic unnecessarily.

Mutharika, 76, sparked concerns over his health in previous months, after he was caught on camera tripping and falling during a tree planting ceremony.

His health has always been an issue during his presidency.

While in New York, Malawi embassy officials at UN said  President Mutharika was  embarrassingly seen inviting one of his delegates to come and invest in Malawi

Minister of Gender  Dr Jean Kalirani, who accompnied President Mutharika, attributed to the gaffe to w communication break down.

Meanwhile, Malawi’s veteran journalist and commentator Dickson Kashoti has taken to Facebook calling on Mutharika to come out in the open and tell Malawians that he and the First Lady have proceeded on leave.

“Rumours can be lethal to his administration as well as his personality. We all know he is entitled to leave days in a year and no one would blame him for deciding to spend a quiet time with the First Lady. Everyone knows he is weary, fatigue is eating him up as he has presided over the worst economic crisis ever and news from the IMF seem not to inspire hope, not soothing to the second poorest country in Africa and one of the 10 poorest in the world. His trusted Finance minister, our own good old Goodall seem to be giving up as even the big spanners seem not to be working in fixing this broken economy which one can compare to unrepairable sewerage system, it is stinking,” Kashoti wrote.

He accused the Mutharika government of operating in a mafia-like style,   not open and transparent.

“ It is sad that he is blowing K5m a day of the poor tax payer in his extended stay in the US and he has already blown off a staggering K30m in the last five days, according to Zodiak estimates. I really wish he cut short his holiday to see how his party officials are in free for all, laying their hands on money from the beleaguered Escom where the director of finance has resigned over the matter, at Mera, MRA and Macra among other parastatals.”

The journalist added that Mutharika does  not have the luxury of prolonging his stay in the US blowing all that much a day when the country is bleeding economically, saying “that is not patriotism and integrity.”