NewsNOWJOHHANESBURG (Malawi NewsNow) – A Malawian national who works as a waiter in South Africa ,  Ishmail Sulaiman,  has been arrested after he stole millions of Kwacha from a restaurant client.

The waiter used an illegal skimming device to scan the client’s debit card and later steal R60000 (about K2.9 million).

The Malawian was caught on camera carrying a device hidden in a bag which he used to skim the card of the customer.

According to a prosecutor, after the customer had dined at the restaurant‚ he requested the bill.

Sulaiman then approached the table and swiped the customer’s card on two occasions using an electronic device. On both occasions the transaction was unsuccessful.

“Sulaiman then left the table and returned with another device. The card was then used again and the transaction was successful,” said the prosecutor.

A few days later‚ the customer discovered that numerous transactions had been made from his account and the amount of R60‚000 had been withdrawn.

Sulaiman’s employer David Raad said he had trust in him hence is shocked by what had happened. He said that none of his management team had expected an incident of card skimming to take place at the popular restaurant.

“It’s been an emotional trip for all the staff‚ and it happened out of the blue as Ishmail had worked for us for a number of years‚” he said.

“In the 15 years we have been running‚ nothing like this has ever happened before although any incidents‚ as with this particular case‚ is dealt with seriously as the issue is prevalent throughout the industry,” he said.

Meanwhile, Sulaiman is out on a R2000 bail but faces deportation because the authorities have found that he was living and working in South Africa illegally.