Reverend Njohi

Reverend Njohi

LILONGWE (Malawi NewsNow) -Reverend Njohi  the founder of Lord’s Propeller Redemption Church, has stirred more controversy after he ordered all the women in his church to remove their pants and underwear so that Jesus Christ can enter into them.

The controversial pastor, said he issued the directive under spiritual and divine injunctions, adding that any woman who refuses to do so will incur the wrath of the holy spirit.

Reverend Njohi personally checks his female members to make sure they are not wearing anything under and any woman found to have disobeyed the divine command, is reprimanded.

A senior pastor in the church said:”In a meeting chaired by Reverend Njohi, a law was passed banning the wearing of inner wears. Njohi claims that when going to church, people need to be free in ‘body’ and ‘spirit’ to receive Christ.

“He strongly cautioned his church members of grave consequences should they decide to disobey his commands and put on underwear without his knowledge.

“The pastor has also banned women from wearing bras.”

The move has  cause a public outcry for the government to start regulating prophets and other Pentecostal churches.