Kalaiti - Work hard

Kalaiti – Work hard

MULANJE ( Victor Kaliwo, Mana) – Member of Parliament for Mulanje West, Patricia Kaliati has urged people in her constituency to take part in development work that takes place in the area.

She was speaking at Namphungo in the area of Traditional Authority Juma on Sunday where she addressed a development rally.

Kaliati said for any meaningful development to take place people in that particular area need to be proactive through participation and monitoring of activities so that materials meant for the projects are not misused thereby ensuring long lasting infrastructure.

“A lot of development projects have been earmarked to take place in this constituency like bridges, telecentre, feeder roads through Masaf 4 and others all these require your participation,” She told them.

On food situation, Kaliati who is also the Minister of Information, Communication Technology and Civic Education advised the people to take care of the little food they have at household level like potatoes, sorghum and pigeon peas to avert hunger.

She also advised local leaders to always exercise fairness when distributing relief food items to households that are food insecure so that the poorer are not sidelined.

Kaliati who also worked as a teacher urged parents to encourage particularly girls to finish their secondary education so as to reduce poverty in the communities.

“Statistics in the district indicate that more girls are dropping out of school because of early marriages and pregnancies so as parents let’s take part,” she advised.

At the rally, Kaliati spiced up the event by distributing party (DPP) cloths that saw more than 300 women in new party uniform as a matter of strengthening the party as well as thanking them for the role they play in the development of the area.