Health minister Dr Peter Kumpalume - It's part of reforms

Health minister Dr Peter Kumpalume – It’s part of reforms

LILONGWE (Tamanda Mwale, Malawi NewsNow) – Malawians will soon start paying use fees in public hospitals, Minister of Health Dr Peter Kumpalume has disclosed, said government policy on that has been finalised.

Kumpalume said the policy is waiting for cabinet’s seal of approval.

He said: “This is in line with the public reforms which were introduced [by President Peter Mutharika.]”

Kumpalume said the move is aimed to improve healthcare as part of public reforms aimed at improving efficiency and quality services,

“We want to make the health sector more efficient and hospitals should generate funds on their own through the fee that people will be paying when they want to access the medical services and will also want to improve the conditions in the government hospitals,” said Kumpalume.

He further said the ministry is targeting that by July this year, people from all districts across Malawi will be paying fees to access medical services in public hospitals.

Government will soon start putting public hospitals into private hands.

The Mutharika government already announced plans to privatise mortuaries in a bid to improve efficiency and quality services towards handling of corpses in all public hospitals due to series of shocking incidents of decomposition.

There has been series of shocking incidents of faults mortuaries which leads to decomposition of corpses .

Government set up a task force to look into the feasibility plan on how it will work considering that most mortuaries are out-dated and do not tick to the current health standards of handling corpses.

Currently, relatives pay MK2, 500 for embalming, MK1, 000 for washing and dressing and MK1, 000 per night for storage of departed loved ones at some private mortuaries.