Malawi cops on patrol

Malawi cops on patrol

DOWA (Malawi NewsNow) –Community policing leaders in the central region have accused some law enforcers of colluding with criminals by alerting them whenever there is an arrest operation.

The community leaders said this in Mponela, Dowa on Thursday during a meeting.

They said the tendency makes it difficult for community policing members to fight crime in their respective areas.

Assistant deputy commissioner of police Hennings Mlotha said there are disciplinary actions taken against law enforcers who collude with criminals.

He said the police would take stern action against such police officers saying the police aim to eradicate crime once and for all.

Mlotha said the police would track down any police officer who aides criminals by providing them with information that leads them to escaping from arrest.

There have been instances when the police have aided criminals with guns or police uniform to commit crimes in some areas.