Students to join  'virginis club'

Students to join ‘virginis club’

ZOMBA (Malawi NewsNow)- Students at University of Malawi’s largest campus Chancellor College have started a club called “Virgins Club” as a response to increasing cases of sexual activities on campus.

Going under the motto “Virginity is the new cool: make it 100% pure”, the students say that they came up with the idea of the Virgins Club to rekindle the old esteem attached to being virgin and as a way of combating the scourge of HIV and Aids.

Founder and father of the club Pempho ‘Mpho’ Kambalame said that the club has grand plans in its avowed fight against the spread of HIV and Aids.

“We’re serious about everything. We’ve observed and we’re greatly concerned that we’re losing the youth due to poor use of condoms. We believe as a club that abstinence is the only way out of this HIV and Aids pandemic”, Kambalame said.

The Secretary for the club Fiskani Nkhoma who is also University of Malawi Students Union Representative for Chancellor College stated that the club will start a magazine in order to reach to as many youths as possible.

However, Omega ‘Viceroy’ Sambakunsi who is Chancellor College’s Entertainment Director and the club’s Director of Operations said they have “an uphill task.”

Sambakusi said: “We’re serious as a club. We simply appeal to all stakeholders in the fight against HIV and Aids to fund our new approach to combating HIV and Aids. We trust our approach can work.”

The Virgins Club was created last week and it is currently running on Whatsapp social media platform. The club has scheduled to hold its elections on Friday next week.