Nnakhuni on crusade to expose Mutharika and his deals

Nnakhuni on crusade to expose Mutharika and his deals

LILONGWE  (Peter Chimuzu, Malawi NewsNow) – Lilongwe based private practice lawyer Gift Nankhuni is set to ‘reveal’ some of the corruption deals allegedly made by President Peter Mutharika.

Malawi NewsNow can exclusively reveal that Nankhuni is working on a dossier that will expose ‘some financial corruption’ deals that the head of state is said to have been involved in.

Sources close to Nankhuni said the lawyer believes its government that has let loose some gangsters who are baying for his blood after a deal gone sour worth K25 million.

“I know he has started working on the documents. He is listing some deals that involved the President especially the oil exploration licences which government cancelled only to reinstate them recently. There was too much money involved in those deals and Nankhuni has all the evidence in his capacity as a lawyer,” said the sources.

He said Nankhuni negotiated some of the contracts privately and has inside information on the deep involvement of the President and his trusted aide Dr Ben Phiri.

“He has information on the dates Dr Phiri travelled to Saudi Arabia and who he met on behalf of the President and he is documenting all this,” said the source.

Nankhuni is said to be watching his shoulder all the time after he duped some businessmen in Lilongwe believed to be from the ‘underworld’ of their K25 million which he got as an out of settlement payment in a case where he was representing the gangsters.