Some of Malawi lawyers are dishonest

Some of Malawi lawyers are dishonest

LILONGWE (Tamanda Mwale, Malawi NewsNow)-The Malawi Law Society (MLS) has admitted that lawyers in the country are shamed with  professional misconduct  such as dishonesty and swindling client.

The comments comes after one  lawyer  Chrispine Kam’mayani  reportedly defrauded a client, Boston Sibande, of money amounting to K10 million in a deal to sell plot number 47/4/820 in Lilongwe.

The documents that Kam’mayani signed showed that Mercy Chitamo the owner of the plot was selling it for K10 million.

After Sibande had deposited money for the lawyer to pay it on his behalf, she realised that the plot belonged to Monica Chitawo and Mercy Chitamo was a made-up name.

The lawyer admitted to have stolen the money and promised to refund.

Reacting to the misconductd, MLS President John Suzi Banda said these malpractices are tarnishing the image of lawyers in the country.

“As law society we are worried with these reports of misconducts and the society is there to ensure that people have not lost their trust in us,” said Banda.

Banda added that people are supposed to demand for licenses from lawyers especially when dealing with them on issues that involves money.

He added that  most lawyers do not go into the profession with the intention of being dishonest or defrauding clients.