FDH BankBLANTYRE (Malawi NewsNow)- Management of Malawi Savings Bank and FDH Bank have expressed concern over the way sheriffs executed their job, saying the High Court made a ruling on Monday afternoon, the next day morning the sheriffs were on the premises of the bank.

Head of Marketing for the two banks Sobhuza Ngwenya said the bank smells a rat in the whole saga in which FDH is accused of not honouring a K700 million court settlement to Maranatha Girls Academy.

The bank has since paid the money in its totality and all the five computers and a printer crucial for the banking data have since been returned.

“Imagine, the judgement was made on Monday afternoon. We were discussing the issue on Tuesday morning after we got the judgement. Just as our lawyers wanted to obtain a stay on the judgement, the sheriffs were on our premises, seizing our property. This is not normal, am sure. Well, we have paid all the money and all our property has been returned to us,” he said.

He however said the bank has obtained a stay on the judgement and lawyers for borth sides will battle it out in court next week.

Judiciary spokesperson Mlenga Mvula confirmed the bank has paid out all the money. He defended the sheriffs behaviour in the matter as normal.