injured Chakwera's bodyguard

injured Chakwera’s bodyguard

MZUZU (Daniel Mudika, Malawi NewsNow)- Regime thugs attempted on the life of leader of opposition Dr Lazarus Chakwera on Sunday but only managed to attack his body guards in Mzuzu.

Despite the attack, Chakwera proceeded to hold a political rally at Chibabvi in Mzuzu and condemned the ruling Democratic Peogressive Party (DPP) of using salvage politics.

ā€œI condemn whatever has happened today without hesitation,ā€ said Chakwera.

He was speaking after regime thugs attempted to hack Chakwera but he was shielded by his bodyguards who in turn sustained deep cuts.

Chakwera said the Peter Mutharika government should not waste money in buying pangas buy use the cash to buy food for the starving Malawians.

Government spokesman Jappie Mhango denied that the ruling party was responsible, blaming on internal conflicts in opposition parties.

But Chakwera bemoaned Police action for refusing to protect them after being ordered by government.

Chakwera said they will not be intimidated from their resolve to liberate Malawians from snares of poverty, illiteracy and economic crisis.