Milanzie (left) and Woods - Next Level Agency

Milanzie (left) and Woods – Next Level Agency

LONDON (Malawi NewsNow)- An international booking agency which works with an extensive catalogue of artists and celebrities is branching into Africa with two Malawians, Arthur Milanzi and James Woods-Nkhutabasa in the management board .

Next Level Agency (NLA), the company has linked up international acts with organisers and promoters in little known lands and promises to end disappointments in cancellation of performances

“ NLA will give promoters and event organisers an open access to the international music and entertainment scene. We have access to some of the biggest names in music industry. Our experience allowed us to cement relationships directly with artists and their managers.

“ Our presence in Malawi means promoters can now book artists and celebrities from a reliable source, with a proven track record of delivering successful show,” said London based Milanzi.

According to him, Malawi will become an entertainment hub and the high profile shows will also contribute towards the increase in the country’s tourism industry.

He adds: “These shows will allow some Malawian artists to share a massive platform with international artists. The transition of bringing artists that people would only otherwise see on TV to performing at local venues and stadiums is one that will inspire the music audience in Malawi.”

As a booking agency, NLA will help bridge the gap between artists and promoters to ensure that all necessary due diligence is done and all parties are protected in order to deliver successful shows, according to Milanzi.