Genki joins Mighty Wanderers

Genki joins Mighty Wanderers

LILONGWE (Arkangel Tembo, Mana)-There was drama on Thursday afternoon at Kamuzu International Airport in Lilongwe when a Japanese player Genki Nakamura arrived in the country for two weeks trials with Mighty Be Forward Wanderers.

Upon arrival at the airport, there was nobody from the Nomads officials to welcome the striker, who also plays as an attacking midfielder.

Looking lost, Nakamura did not hesitate, but to tell immigration officials that he wanted somebody from Silver Strikers or Wanderers.

Panic followed as the immigration officials started calling Silver Strikers officials, Wanderers officials and some football administrators.

The bankers’ officials rushed to the airport to take the player to their base, a thing which angered the Nomads upon realizing their professional was sneaked out to area 47.

The Nomads officials invaded Silver Strikers treasurer’s house Fred Kalonga in area 18 where they heard their player was having a chat with the bankers.

After a short discussion, calm was restored as the Nomads took their player before embarking on their journey to Blantyre.

Asked on this development, Mighty Be Forward Wanderers general secretary Mike Butao accused the bankers of trying to snatch their player.

“We are disappointed because it seems some people wanted to snatch the player from us. Let me tell you that even the people who tried to snatch Nakamura from us cannot afford to pay him because he will be paid by our sponsors from Japan,” said Butao.

Butao assured the Nomads fans that the player was in their camp and that come next week he is expected to start training.

“Our fans will have a chance to see Nakamura next week. Many people have been asking who will be responsible for his salary. Our sponsors Be-Forward will be responsible for all his perks,” said Butao.

In his response, Silver Strikers treasurer, Fred Kalonga said the bankers were not on the wrong side because the player told immigration officials that he was in the country to join the Area 47 out-fit.

“What we did was to take him from the airport after receiving calls that there was our player at the airport. All the same l took him to my house to ask him on a number of issues since he said he came for Silver Strikers,” said Kalonga, who laughed at the Nomads for not being aware of their player’s arrival.

The 29-year old player previous club was Mohammed Sporting of India.

He has also played for Bilisht and FK Tomori Berat of Albania, Sport Boys and Hijos de Acosvinchos (Peru), Cerezo Osaka (Japan), Saigon Port (Vietnam), and VfbHuls and DJK Tus (Germany).

Nakamura also played in Brazil at youth level then Japan, Albania, Peru and Germany

If he impresses at Lali-Lubani he will not be the first foreign player to sign for Wanderers.

In the past the Nomads had also a Zimbabwean goalkeeper  Lioni Nyakatawa,  Thom Aido from Ghana, Allan Johnston from Zimbabwe, Sandros Kumwenda and Lionel Asu.