President Mutharika with Scotland First Minister

President Mutharika with Scotland First Minister

LILONGWE (Mary Makhiringa, Mana)- The Government of Scotland on Tuesday gave Malawi a tune of K63 billion to assist towards buying food for those affected by floods.

Making the announcement in Lilongwe Kamuzu Palace, during an audience with President Peter Mutharika, Scotland Secretary of State David Mundell said his government has given the money to Malawi through the World Food Program to help in buying maize to be distributed to those affected by the floods.

Speaking at the function, President Prof. Mutharika thanked the Scottish Government for all the support they render to Malawi in their bilateral long history.

Said Mutharika; “I wish to thank you most profoundly for all the support that Scotland has provided to Malawi over the years.”

Mutharika then further took time to furnish the visiting Minister with government plans in order to deal with the aftermath of the floods.

He also informed the visiting Minister about the civil service reform agenda.

“In our view, in order to avert the perennial droughts and dry spells, my government needs to aggressively embark on diversifying our economy through, among others, revamping the irrigation sub sector, through the Green Belt Initiative (GBI).

“We also need to diversify the crop base to include rice, sunflower, cut flower, soya beans, sorghum, groundnuts and others, some of which are drought tolerant,” said Mutharika.

According to the President, government is also focusing on diversifying the economy from being overly dependent in rain-fed agriculture to other sectors, such as mining, manufacturing, energy and financial services that are immune from climate change effects.

On his part, Mundell commended the government of Malawi for the measures that it is taking in alleviating the problems of floods which have come about due to climate change.

” Even though there has been a change in how we administer our aid to Malawi, the government of Scotland will continue to provide the necessary support in building the blocks of Malawi in terms of education, health, just to mention a few,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Minister has since commended the Malawi Government on the reform agenda saying it will help revamp the economy of Malawi.