Nta and Mtumodzi - Gloves are off

Nta and Mtumodzi – Gloves are off

LILONGWE (Muchanakhwaye Khwepeya, Malawi NewsNow ) –President Peter Mutharika would not enjoy his tenure as long as there was poverty in Malawi, former president Bingu wa Mutharika’s aides, Mr Chikumbutso Mtumodzi and Mr Z Allan Ntata have warned that they will fight for the poor, saying Mutharika “wake up” and address numerous problems the county is going through,

Mtumodzi served as presidential press officer and Ntata held the position of legal advisor in the Bingu wa Mutharika regime.

The two are advancing the ‘Reform to Transform’ movement.

At a presser held in Lilongwe, Ntata said Malawi is in “unenviable position” of having a President who is “evidently out of touch” with the reality and incapable of leading the nation out of the deteriorating situation.

. He said Mutharika is well known of his trademark and tendency of burying his head in sand when there is crisis, citing academic freedom saga at the University of Malawi which unfolded on his watch as the then Minister of Education, the diplomatic standoff between Malawi and UK that happened right under his nose   when he was a minister under the leadership of his brother Bingu wa Mutharika.

Ntata said Mutharika is Malawi’s nightmare as he lacks concern of citizens’ plight while he is pre-occupied with self-aggrandisement.

“His failure to deal decisively with the ivory burning issue, obstinate that enough maize is in stock even when patriotic fellow leaders were telling him otherwise, failure to deal decisively with black outs and water problems, progress and information on the government’s efforts in the investigation of the murder of ACB senior official Issa Njaunju, these are not only the signs of incompetence, cluelessness, ineptitude but it’s closer to criminal Negligence”, Ntata said.

Mtumodzi, who now owns Dziko Radio said it’s now the time that he stand and speak for the poor who are worrying about where their next meal will come from because of Muntharika failed leadership.

He said he is prepared to be persecuted in his fight for the poor.

Mtumodzi said they would continue to ask Mutharika to govern and not to rule.

He warned “gloves are off” as he vows to fight the inequalities under the DPP administration, saying they will not be intimidated by the puppet leader.

Mtumodzi also noted there were more jobless Malawians today than when Mutharika took office. He said the country’s recent economic record was dismal.

He echoed Ntata that “vague leadership” provided no incentive for investors, and accused Mutharika of putting what was in his interests first.