Goodall Gondwe - No more luxuries

Goodall Gondwe – No more luxuries

BLANTYRE (Malawi NewsNow)-Minister of Finance, Economic Planning and Development, Goodall Gondwe  says with economic hardships biting hard, the worsening food shortage and donor pullout, the Government of Malawi cannot afford to waste any penny on luxuries.

Gondwe admitted that millions of Malawians can hardly afford a meal and government wants to cut on unnecessary expenditures.

“Some projects such as buying expensive cars needed to be put on hold so that the money that was available would be used for what is needed the most,” Gondwe said.

The Finance Minister was responding to concerns raised by participants during the second day of Public Affairs Committee (PAC) 5th All Inclusive Stakeholders Conference in Blantyre.

Gondwe acknowledged the need for government to make significant adjustments on some expenditures and invest the resources in areas of importance.

One such expenditure area, according to Gondwe, is the buying of expensive cars which he said has since been put on hold. He further said in some areas, adjustments had to be made because things didn’t go according to plan.

Gondwe cited the hunger situation where government made a projection of 2.5 million people being in need of food assistance only to realise that the figure is are now rising to over 3 million.

“We made plans and conditions changed. What we need to do is to make adjustments and see which ones are to prioritise,” he said.