Manda - Police condemn  jungle justice

Manda – Police condemn jungle justice

DEDZA (Tamanda Mwale, Malawi NewsNow) –An angry mob in Dedza district in the central region, took jungle justice to another dimension when they torched to death a young man who broke into a house to steal.

Deputy police publicist in Dedza, constable Cassim Manda saida 25 year-old Twaya Charles of Mapemba Village in area of Traditional Authority Tambala in Dedza district on the night of February 9, 2016, the deceased broke into the house of Danford Lefutala of the same village and stole a set of home theater, clothes and K40,000 while Lufutala and his family were asleep.

At midnight Lefutala woke up and realised that some of his property was missing. He suspected the deceased – a habitual criminal and had just finished a three year jail sentence last month for the offence of burglary and theft  – of stealing the items and decided to go to his house and fortunately he found all his stolen property.

According to Manda, rather than hand him over to the police, Lefutala then went to a nearby village to buy petrol which villagers poured pon him and set him ablaze.

Meanwhile, Manda has condemned the killing saying the act is unconstitutional. He wondered why the mob killed the criminal even after the items were found.

He also reminded Malawians that the laws of Malawi provides that a suspect remains innocent until proved guilty by a competent court of law.