Barry One

Barry One

— Malawian urban musician Barry One took a swipe at local self acclaimed hip hop artists for killing the industry and described them as ‘killers’ of hip hop in Malawi.

In an exclusive interview with the Malawi New Agency (Mana) on Tuesday, Barry One said most artists of this generation completely do not understand hip hop.

“Hip hop is a culture and not the number of artists in it. We have so many artists out here claiming they are doing hip hop but it’s not. Hip hop has always been the voice for the voiceless but what we have out here is totally different from it, and l don’t know what it is but it is whatever they say it is.”

He also said it sad that most of the self acclaimed hip hop artist lack creativity and instead release what he called ‘bubblegum hip hop.”

Barry said another problem is that hip hop in Malawi is becoming much of a business than just a showbiz, where artists want to earn something worth their art and if that is not met then you will not see them performing anywhere.

Quizzed on what it means to see many secular musician turning to God, Barry said people should turn to God for the real reason to get to know him.

For instance, he gave his own example that he gave his life already to God but was quick to emphasize that people should not just shift from secular to gospel just because somebody has told them but it should come deep down from their hearts.

On his 2016 plans, he said 2015 was a year he laid back just to redefine his art and described 2016, as a year of change.

“I have an album set to drop pretty soon “Maso Atseguka” with singles ‘Wandichosa ft. Nepman, Tingololerana ft. Kelvin Sings and Ndimtsatila ft. Dan Lu’. We are making a change this year let’s just keep our fingers crossed,” he said.

He said his album is on the way, and hinted it is already mastered.

“Iam just working on my promo material. Videos specifically. I have a video out already enjoying airplay and chats, Wandichosa ft. Nepman. Im currently shooting three videos at the moment,

Ndimtsatila ft. Dan Lu with Sukez and Hago, HD Plus Creations and Tingololerana ft. Kelvin Sings and Angie with Ben Bei of B&G Productions. Both these videos will be out in March so be on a look out,” he said.

The Blantyre based artist who has had his name on the scene for a very long time still being recognized as one of the best out there.

Most people know him from the collaborations he has had with some of the local artists. His raps and word play have evolved from the 90’s till now and he is still flexible and able to fit in as far as change and diversity is concerned.

Barry One has worked with the greatest producer ever known as Dynamike at the time he met The Strategy and he really has had an impact on the industry itself.

His first release was Tionana in 2007 which was on a gospel tip and had Dynamike as a lead producer.